Breast Cancer Awareness Boob Necklace

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Product description

Welcome to Kokobal, where purpose meets elegance. Our brand is a tribute to the remarkable women who have faced breast cancer with unwavering courage, to those currently fighting, and to the unbreakable bonds of support around them. Our collection of premium-quality inspirational jewelry celebrates resilience and beauty in the face of adversity. Crafted with care using copper, each piece in our breast cancer-inspired jewelry line is more than an accessory—it's a symbol of strength. These minimalist designs carry profound meaning, each pendant representing the wearer's journey and determination. With personalized symbols, they serve as a powerful reminder of resilience in challenging times. Our breast cancer awareness  boob-shaped necklace, a unique addition to our collection, stands as a bold symbol of empowerment and courage. Beyond its shape, it's a statement of embracing one's body and strength. The 10cm-long chain, adjustable from 51cm to 80cm, ensures a comfortable and perfect fit for all occasions. Present this breast cancer awareness charm at any stage of the journey—it's more than just jewelry. It's a heartfelt gesture of unwavering support and solidarity. Let your loved ones know they are not alone in their fight against breast cancer. Kokobal's breast cancer awareness line isn't just about fashion; it's a representation of unity, love, and resilience. It's a tribute to breast cancer survivor and fighters—a testament to beauty found amidst struggle. Join us at Kokobal in honoring these extraordinary individuals. Let's celebrate their resilience and spread the message that together, we can conquer any challenge. With each pendant, we share stories of bravery, love, and hope.

  • 🌟 Premium Quality: Our inspirational necklace is made with zircon with titanium steel chain designed for the great women who are fighting or have fought against breast cancer and for the friends and family that have stood by their side in the fight
  • 👗 Elegant & Fashionable: Indulge in timeless elegance with breast cancer ornament—a versatile adornment that complements any attire or occasion as it adds a touch of sophistication to your ensemble, whether it's a casual outing or a formal event
  • ⭕ Size & Circumference: Kokobals necklace comes with a long and beautiful jewelry chain whose length is 10cm and the necklace opens up to almost 51cm(inclusive)-80cm(inclusive) so it will surely fit all neck sizes
  • ✨ Minimalist Design: Modern, minimal and easy going personalized design, as each of the necklace come with a design that symbolize you and your struggle against the hardship of the breast cancer
  • 💕 Battling Breast Cancer: Present this breast cancer jewelry during any part of the cancer fighting process to show your determination to your love one that you are with them in the time of need and hardship and together this too shall pass

Product information:

Material: copper
Type: necklace
Style: Women
Shape: chest
With or without pendant: Yes
Extension chain: less than 10cm
Pendant material: zircon
Chain length: 40cm (15.5“)
Color: gold, silver, rose gold

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