A Message From Our Founder

“We’ve gotten the results back from the biopsy, and I’m afraid it’s early-stage prostate cancer”. That was back in February 2021. To be honest, I can’t quite remember exactly how I felt; it was a bit surreal. But I was one of the lucky ones; not only because my diagnosis was very early, but because I had a a great support network around me. My family, friends and even co-workers helped a lot. The fact is, cancer is a shock; both for you and your loved ones, but even if you live alone, you should never BE alone in your fight. So I’ve made it my goal to find local cancer organisations in each State so you can get the emotional support and community you need, so that you are mentally and physically able to fight your best fight – the information on free cancer support is here:


As a cancer survivor myself, and as someone whose mother is a breast cancer survivor, I understand first-hand the feelings that you can go through.

Inspired by my mother, the original mastectomy pillow was launched before my own cancer diagnosis. Thanks to feedback from breast cancer patients, I redesigned the pillow, so that it would be the most practical, most protective and the snuggest pillow on the market! That process actually helped me get through my own cancer battle.

Pink Washing? Not Here!

Unfortunately, many good-hearted people get taken-in by products that have a pink ribbon on them, and they believe that, by purchasing the product, they are supporting breast cancer programs – but this is simply not true. (I’ve seen this on Amazon, with hundreds of T shirts).

Here at KOKOBAL, every single purchase made on this site translates into a donation to a breast cancer charity partner. You decide which one, by simply choosing your preferred charity from the Free Cancer Support page and entering the promocode at check out. Your invoice will clearly state which charity will receive the donation, and how much.

I look forward to supporting your breast cancer product needs.


Founder & CEO

Mission Statement

To build self-sustaining communities of support, knowledge, education and products for breast cancer patients, carers and their loved ones.

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Help people make sense of the complex medical and personal information about breast health and breast cancer, so they can make the best decisions for their lives.

IMPACT each individual woman, meeting her wherever she finds herself in her personal breast cancer recovery journey.

Impacting women battling all types of cancer, all over the world.