Breast Cancer Complimentary Therapies

Breast cancer treatment affects more than just your body. It can take an incredible toll on your emotional well-being as well. You likely have a ton of anxiety about your treatments, and how they will affect your life moving forward.

If you're a mom, you've got to worry about how this will affect your kids and your family. A demanding job or the needed income is another added level of stress that can make a huge impact. Add all of this to the physical symptoms of treatment, like joint pain, it's an understatement to say that it's hard.

Mind-body practices are complementary therapies that can offer relief from some of the emotional and physical effects that cancer can have on a person. They use physical techniques to help connect your mind with your body. They can help you manage stress and anxiety and have been known to reduce pain or physical symptoms from cancer and treatment.

Mind-body therapies can't (and shouldn't) replace your traditional treatments for your cancer, but they can certainly help improve your well-being and quality of life during and after treatment has ended.