Cooking Through Cancer Treatment to Recovery

Discover how food can help you get through cancer treatment successfully. Choosing the right nutrients at this time will bring you closer to wellness and give you a sense of independence and peace of mind.

This book contains resources and recipes you need to get through these next several months of treatment with minimal side effects. For some, this information will simply be a reorganization of what you already know about healthy eating. For others, the information will be very new. Luckily, our book serves as a complete hassle-free guide. It includes descriptions of symptoms you may experience at each step of cancer treatment, what foods are most helpful, and why. The Quick Glance Chart on pages 121–129 will help you quickly find recipes for your stage of treatment and side effects. We provide suggestions for stocking your pantry with healthy ingredients. We also list cancer support groups and major scientific studies documenting the effects of food on cancer development and recovery.

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