How to Activate Your Pillow

How to get the most from your mastectomy pillow?

For best results, make sure you have the pillow for when you come out of surgery and leave the hospital. Use the pillow in the car so that the seat belt doesn't press on your chest. You should also use it when in bed to protect you from knocks or when hugging your partner. If you tend to move a lot when sleeping, consider using the straps to help keep the pillow in place

Use your pillow everywhere -in bed, on the sofa, at the dinner table, relaxing in the garden, wherever and whenever you want to feel comfortable or need that extra protection.

After surgery, ensure you regularly do the doctor recommended exercises-we can't stress that enough!

This pillow will be your best friend as you recover from your operation. If you look after it, it will look after you. Consider having a second pillow for the car.

Avoid these top three mistakes we see other customers make

  • Do not use your pillow straight out of the packaging; it's simply too flat to be of any real benefit. Make sure you fluff it up ahead of time; preferably 3 – 5 days before you actually need to use it. 
  • Do not sleep with ice packs; we suggest that you are always alert and awake when using ice or heat packs, to avoid any risk of injury or skin burn.
  • Do not use a normal cushion instead of the pillow. Most cushions are designed to be leaned on. They are designed to take your weight and are thick and sturdy. Your body doesn't need “thick and sturdy” right now; it needs comfort and snugness. The mastectomy pillow has been specifically designed for the front of the body and under the arms. It is super soft and light, so that you can walk around in comfort. Don't make the mistake of putting a heavier, harder and harsher surface on your surgical site!

If you received a bolster cushion cover with your order, you can convert your pillow into a bolster cushion once you no longer need the protection of a mastectomy pillow. The cushion is more compact than the pillow, so it will support you where you need it, without compromising the softness.