Cancer myths and facts, and how to fight against it?

Cancer myths and facts, and how to fight against it?

What is Cancer?

Cancer, in its least complex form, is the unruly rise of abnormal cells that partition and multiply quickly and can spread to other organs and tissues. These quickly developing cells might cause tumors and harm healthy tissues. While, the reasons for cancer are assorted and perplexing, spanning from genetic mutation to environmental factors, one important detail remains, early discovery and medication are pertinent in fruitful treatment.

Uncovering the myths:

Cancer is a disease that is often surrounded by several misconceptions and misinformation. These myths are precisely the reason that discourages people from seeking the early diagnosis and treatment they need.

However, it is pertinent to educate ourselves on what is a myth and what is the truth.

Myth: Cancer is Contagious:

Fact: While few types of cancer are brought by bacteria and viruses that can be spread from individual to individual 

cancer is not contagious. It emerges from a genetic mutation, not from outward factors like contact or touch.

Myth: If your family has cancer, chances are you will get it too.

Fact: Although having a cancer history in your family does build the risk of fostering this sickness, it is not the complete forecast of your well-being. About 4 out of 10 cancers can be prevented by making minute changes in your lifestyle, these could include shaping smart eating habits, keeping up with optimal weight, working out, restricting alcoholic drinks, and staying away from tobacco products. However, if you have been passed on cancer genes which may put you at high risk for cancer, your primary physician might prescribe a medical procedure or drugs to diminish the opportunity of developing cancer.

Myth: Cancer is most likely a death sentence:

Facts: Even though the fact remains that cancer diagnosis and treatments can be an overwhelming and painful thing to experience, progress in medicine has led to successful treatment and has essentially expanded survival rates for different types of cancers. And people who beat cancer have been known to live a fulfilling life.

Myth: Antiperspirants and underwire bras cause breast cancer:

Facts: There is no conclusive evidence from scientific studies to link wearing underwire bras or antiperspirants to an increased risk of breast cancer. Cancer researchers have proven that these claims are largely unfounded.

Myth: Conventional treatment can be replaced by alternative therapies:

Facts: alternative therapies like unconventional diets and herbal remedies cannot be sole cancer treatments. They can be used alongside conventional medicine and treatments, but consulting with a healthcare professional is pivotal to guarantee well-being and viability.

Breaking the Stigma:

The stigma surrounding the disease, cancer is powered by falsehood and dread which often instills feelings of separation, leading to hindrance in early diagnosis and treatment. But this is all taking a shift, people are now shattering this stigma; one conversation at a time.

People are now able to differentiate between what are myths and what are facts, all this is leading to people acknowledging the physical and emotional challenges associated with cancer. This change in context was always essential. When individuals with this disease are not treated as patients but as functioning members of society it helps them open up to people close to them, which in turn helps them be more open to receiving the required treatment and leading a fulfilling life.

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